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Impressionist and Modern Paintings & Sculpture Part II 1991

Impressionist and Modern Paintings & Sculpture Part II

Properties of
Chrysler Museum, Estate of Douglas Cooper, Mrs Cary Grant, John Kluge
Estates of: Janet Kohlmeyer, Williamina Meyer De Schauensee, Anthony Pedone
Dido Freire Renoir, The Saint Louis Art Museum, Natalie & Harold Venokur and others.

Thursday May 9th 1991

New York

Heavy well illustrated catalogue
Condition very good

Price £14.00


Dada & Surrealist Paintings from Kurt and Arlette Seligmann New York

Dada and Surrealist Paintings and Sculpture from the Collection of Kurt and Arlette Seligmann
Seligmann was the first member of the Paris-based Surrealists to relocate to New York in the first months of World War II and was instrumental in helping to rescue many of his fellow artists and intellectuals from Occupied France

3rd November 1993

New York

Well illustrated rare catalogue
Condition Excellent

Price £16.00


The Arts Club Sale 10th November 2009

The Arts Club Sale
Selected pictures from the Club and members

The Arts Club was founded in 1863 by Lord Leighton and Charles Dickens. Since then it has numbered many eminent authors and artists amongst its members, including Anthony Trollope, Arnold Bennett, Dame Laura Knight, Sir Alfred Munnings, Bram Stoker, Camille Pisarro, John Piper, David Hockney

10th November 2009


Well illustrated catalogue, includes the results sheet
Condition Excellent

Price £12.00


Modern Paintings Drawings & Sculpture

Christie’s East
New York
Tuesday 10th November 1992
With property from:
Elizabeth Arden Company. Elizabeth Berger
Josephine Hartford Bryce, Christie Tamara Foxhall
The Jewish Museum, Steven & Ursula Schwartz. And others

Good condition catalogue including the sales results sheet

Price £17.50


Raymond J. Learsy Collection Contemporary Art Sothebys 1992

Raymond J. Learsy a graduate of the Wharton School, started his own commodities trading firm in 1963, expanding world wide, trading in bulk raw materials including oil and gas.

17th November 1992
New York

Well illustrated catalogue with fold out pages, includes the original results sheet
Condition Excellent

Price £12.00


19 Works by Joaquín Torres García Sothebys 1992

Joaquín Torres García was a Uruguayan / Spanish artist, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on July 28, 1874. As an adolescent he emigrated to Catalunya, Spain, where he initiated his career as an artist in 1891.
From the Estate of Royal S. Marks
23rd November 1992

New York

Well illustrated catalogue
Condition Excellent

Price £14.00