NELSON, The Alexander Davison Collection Sothebys 2002 Hardback Edition


The Alexander Davison Collection
“Horatio Nelson…the first British hero. the Alexander Davison collection is disclosed, the most significant discovery for more than a hundred years. To read these letters and documents, and to see the mementoes that Davison kept is strangely moving. Alexander Davison was Nelson’s intimate friend, treasurer and advisor “It was not only Nelson who confided in Davison but his wife, Fanny, and his mistress, Emma Hamilton, did so too….Then there are the belongings – Most memorably, the purse said to have been in his pocket at Trafalgar; the swords and the guns; the porcelain; and the dazzling diamond brooch bearing his initials, which still keeps its mystery.

21st October 2002

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Private Collection from Eaton Square
Works of Art
Anouska Hempel
The interiors formed by the anonymous collector over a period of almost forty years in his Eaton Square residence comprise 264 lots including a diverse array of furniture, pictures and works of art, ceramics, furnishings and garden statuary. The collection of Early Portraits formed by Anouska Hempel comprising 82 lots, her collection includes a group of six portraits dating to 1626 which are known as the “Shafto” paintings, due to their Bavington Hall provenance, a house in Northumberland which belonged to the Shafto family and immortalised in the famous northern song ‘Bobby Further highlights include an English School portrait of Frances Marbury, aged 27, and her daughter, aged 4, of Marbury Hall Cheshire, dated 1613 and a half-length portrait by Cornelis Jonson (1593-1661) of Elisabeth Campion, from Danny Park, Sussex

2nd May 2013

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